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Osman Alptürer, Human Resources President, responds this month to your career questions.

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Osman Alptürer, our Human Resources President, earned his Master’s Degree in Economics at the University of Surrey after receiving an economics degree at Marmara University. Having started his business career as an operation specialist at Anadolu Group, he took responsibility in the establishment process of our many group companies. He started his career to gain experience in Human Resources and has been working in this area for 20 years. Osman Alptürer continues to perform his duties as the Human Resources President at Anadolu Group.

Osman Alptürer Anadolu Group Human Resources President

Category & our Employees

Do you offer job rotation possibility within the group? If yes, how do you implement this?

21.10.2016 14:56:33

It is very important to us that our employees trained in our group advance in their career by staying in Anadolu Group. We are developing career plans for our employees so that our employees may experience different company or sectors. In addition, we are announcing open positions in our ‘Open Positions’ platform, which is only accessible by Anadolu Group employees. When selecting, we are giving the first priority to our group employees. So, the employees may choose their path by applying to open positions, while we are planning their career as well.

How did you choose the Human Resources department?

21.10.2016 14:56:33

I did not choose any department when I applied to Anadolu Group. I first started to work in our tourism company, Efestur, as Operations Specialist. After completing the military service, I continued to work in Holding Human Resources department. I worked in Honda Otomobilcilik A.Ž. for six years during the transition to production and after. I took the responsibility for Anadolu Efes Headquarter Human Resources department. I now continue to my duty as Anadolu Endüstri Holding Human Resources President.

Do you evaluate your employees' ideas in business processes?

21.10.2016 14:56:33

Our group adopts creativity and innovation culture for 30 years but we decided last year to gather the ideas in a pool and we have implemented bi-fikir (an idea). So far, our employees have sent more than 3.000 ideas. We have rapidly implemented 119 bi-fikir and we saved millions of Turkish lira thanks to these ideas.

What do you to attract the employees from Y generation to Anadolu Group and what do you do to prevent their leaving?

21.10.2016 14:56:33

We offer a safe and happy working environment to our employees who started to work in our companies. We are aware that these two needs are the main expectations for young people from Y generation. We offer many career possibilities to our employees by using the advantage of having many companies in different sectors and in different locations. We support the professional and personal development of our employees by various training and development programs. Furthermore, Anadolu Group culture embraces the ideas of its colleagues. Thanks to our works focused on innovation within the group, our employees have the possibility to declare their development ideas about either their individual jobs or teamwork.

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