Career and Talent Development

Career Development

We, as Anadolu Group, place emphasis on diversity in light of our corporate culture and values.
We take guidance from our values that shape our vision and mission in every area, including recruitment and career planning. In addition, we give precedence to imbuing our employees with competencies and values approved by Anadolu Group and provide necessary trainings and development tools. In addition, we strive to help our employees learn decision-making skills by taking the initiative and help them to be global thinkers, open to teamwork and communication and mindful about the development. It is very important for us our employees to apply customer and business oriented approach. Leadership, strategic thinking, managerial efficiency are our priorities for our employees in the management. In Anadolu Group, we manage our human resources with the awareness that we now need to be a strong and agile organization, keep highly skilled people who will help us reach our goals within our organization and plan suitable career paths for each of them at the right time. From our point of view, having talented employees within our organization is one of the important factors that would lead us to successful results. For this reason, deciding on their career paths and planning their careers are of great importance for our and our employees’ development in order for our employees from every level to be more successful at jobs that require experience, knowledge and leadership for years to come. With this perspective, we primarily prefer internal transfers to strengthen and sustain our corporate culture and values. Thanks to Organizational Development Meetings (OGT) process that are held systematically in the group, we review career planning and backup planning for our employees from every level at the company, the sector, and group management, we define critical roles and employees with high potential.

OGT is the career planning process completed each year after performance evaluation process. In the scope of OGT, internal transfers, backup and transfers in the group are planned for employees that need different responsibility and experiences in order to continue to develop themselves in Anadolu Group. We are offering opportunities to our employees to work in different areas and/or locations in which we are operating, with this application. It is an ongoing process in our companies for employees to change job or to be promoted. Approximately 2.500 employees in our group changed their job, level, company, sector or location for last 10 years between in our group of companies.

As Anadolu Group, we are preferring internal transfer in career planning on a large scale, because we would like to give the priority to our employees to advance in their career according to their performance since the day they joined our group. Thanks to this application, our organization is competent enough to adapt itself to challenging factors that are each day harder to surmount, to achieve our groups' goals and certainly to deliver successful business results. This strategy has a positive impact both on organization and business results.

AG Open Positions

We are encouraging internal transfer operations in the group of companies with 'AG Open Positions' platform, other than Organizational Development Meetings where the career and backup plans are made. Our companies in the Group evaluate primarily the applications inside the group for open positions/jobs. We announce open positions/jobs to every employee by e-mail. The candidates in the group apply on the platform at, which is only accessible by our employees. Human Resources department of related companies evaluate all the applications.

With this application, we strive to;
. increase transparency and communication in the group/company,
. support the employees to take initiative about their career,
. use more efficiently the human resource (skills and competencies) inside the group,
. strengthen commitment to organization and motivation,
. promote feedback culture and management.

We are giving to our employees the opportunity to determine their career path by granting them a different range of jobs in their career evolution inside Anadolu Group with AG Open Positions application.

AG Academy

AG Academy is Anadolu Group's digital training and development platform, excluding the borders to access to information, enabling continuous learning and producing a direct influence on job performance. All employees may access to the rich digital library, full of development tools such as online trainings and video series at website by one click at any time and at any place they like and with the tool they please. Our companies plan in-class trainings based on competencies and professional trainings in addition to the rich contents of AG Academy, to support each year the development of our employees. Our employees may register themselves to professional and in-class trainings based on competencies according to their wish on AG Academy platform. They may also form their annual education plan by following all corporate trainings on the same digital environment. Digital training platform enables us to save 30% of time and we are contributing to environmental sustainability with conservation of 5 kg paper per person. Thanks to corporate agreements established with universities in order to support development and education of the employees, our employees gain a special discount in studying master degree in designated universities.

Leadership Trainings

Leader's Touch is Anadolu Group Leadership Development program, devised to help the leaders work with maximum efficiency and high performance in challenging circumstances and accomplish future business objectives.

Anadolu Group’s Leader’s Touch – Leadership Development Program is applied to 3 groups, in a way that their content complements each other: Top Executive (GM+), Executive (Director, Coordinator, Manager), Future Leaders

Top Executive Program: Top Executive Program is performed under the name of Leader's Touch Leadership Summit. Whereas Anadolu Group General Manager and Top managers are participating in this program; international guest speakers are also summoned.

Executive Program: The executive program, planned as Leadership and Development program consists of 3 modules of 3 days each for managers and senior managers. Each participant with the aid of 360-degree evaluations creates personal development plans during the program. Coaching is also provided in the program while there are team activities and guest speakers. All participants work on action-based learning projects during the program and present their project to Leader's Touch Executive Committee consisting of our Group Managers and General Managers.

Future Leaders Program: This is the 3 days Leadership and Development program designed for Executive/Chief level. The program includes 360-degree evaluation, preparation of personal development plan, coaching support, team activities and guest speakers. This program is designed for our employees at executive/chief level and upper in our group.

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