an-idea (bi-fikir), has never been so valuable...

We are evaluating the ideas that our domestic and international employees are sending to us by bi-fikir portal and we are implementing the ideas.
When we implement our employees’ ideas within the scope of bi-fikir, we ensure productivity in terms of process and resources management and it helps us to create new production and business models with creative and innovative applications.

The innovation and creativity originating from our company’s genes are used in the most efficient way with bi-fikir.

bi-fikir Festival

We are organizing each year bi-fikir Festival as Anadolu Group’s Innovation Day, our colleagues find the opportunity to present their ideas in form of a project with our colleagues and managers, and then they evaluate the ideas face-to-face. This is a one day event when the projects compete, this is a reflection of the innovation culture of our group.

bi-fikir in numbers

As of 2 January 2017, our colleagues shared nearly 7.500 ideas in the scope of bi-fikir project.
More than 1000 ideas are rapidly implemented and in addition, more than 700 projects were developed of these ideas.