Leaders share their experience

Leaders share
their experience

Our leaders have shared insights into their experience just for you.

  • Anadolu Group

    Leadership isn’t just about directing a team. It is about listening to them, regarding their thoughts and establishing open communication among them.

    Tuncay Özilhan
  • Anadolu Group

    Knowledge and professional skills can help you move up the career ladder. However, if you want to be a good leader you have to be a decent person as well.

    Hurşit Zorlu
  • Migros

    When advancing towards your goal, 3 key notions must always be in you. ‘Ambition’, ‘Full Concentration’ and ‘Pushing for Change.’

    Özgür Tort
    General Manager
  • Anadolu Isuzu

    Working isn’t just about necessities. If a person feels that s/he can contribute, receives appreciation and gets better together with a team, then this person becomes more connected to the job. We, in Anadolu Group, aim to create leaders who are connected to their jobs from their hearts, not leaders who just need jobs.

    Tuğrul Arıkan
    General Manager
  • Çelik Motor

    First, we have to learn how to dream up in business life, then we have to choose an organization in which entrepreneurship is encouraged and our dreams come true.

    Özgür Maraş
    General Manager
  • Anadolu Motor

    All paths to leadership begins with valuing each individual; belief, passion and perseverance are keys to success.

    Serkan Eriş
    General Manager
  • Adel Kalemcilik

    If you work at an organization which believes in equality in business life you know for sure that you will be evaluated for managerial positions as you develop your qualifications and competence. And this notion creates a sense of confidence.

    Evrim Hizaler
    General Manager
  • McDonald's

    Being analytical and result oriented are indispensable in business life. Having strong soft skills will move you forward. When you see your job as your passion, then you are on your way to becoming successful.

    Oğuz Uçanlar
    General Manager
  • Efestur

    As you advance in your career, take lessons from negative examples as well as positive ones. By enriching the things you have learned with your knowledge and experience, you can form a basis for creating your own managerial identity. You must focus on long-term and sustainable models, not on short-term gains.

    Nedret Aydemir
    General Manager
  • Anadolu Group

    Don’t be afraid of trying, learn lessons from your failures and do your job with passion.

    Tuğban İzzet Aksoy
    Energy Sector Coordinator
  • Anadolu Etap

    Our works and hobbies generally intertwined. Our job has goodness and health in its nature therefore we love it so much.

    Demir Şarman
    General Manager
  • AND Gayrimenkul

    Ideas are precious. Giving responsibility to implement these ideas is just as important. We give responsibility to young people today and prepare them for tomorrow.

    Ali Baki Usta
    General Manager
  • Anadolu Bilişim

    In Creed (Film), new-generation protagonist takes a photo of the paper on which famous Rocky has written down a training program and gives it back. Rocky hollers at him: “You forgot the paper." Creed shows his mobile phone and says: ‘It has already been in a cloud.’ This is the biggest difference between senior managers and young managerial candidates.

    Yakup Kadri Ünal
    General Manager
  • Anadolu Foundation

    In our digital and technological world, individuals are connected to each other regardless of distances and borders. This condition is the most crucial element in shaping young people’s future. Competition starts individually and continues on a global scale. Prioritizing and developing our skills in line with this understanding is a must now, not an option.

    Selim Güven
    General Manager
  • Anadolu Medical Center

    The main target must always be to make difference and add value to our profession. The more you escape from ordinary, routine and careless behaviours the more you move closer to success.

    Türkan Özilhan Tacir
    General Manager
  • Anadolu Efes Sports Club

    The most essential part of professional sports is to become a cohesive team. The more you make decisions jointly and share your experience the better the outcomes will be.

    Alper Tunca Yılmaz
    Genel Direktör