The job opportunities to guide your career are awaiting you on Anadolu My Career.
You may find opportunities that would create the difference for you in more than 80 domestic and international companies of Anadolu Group.
Let us plan the most appropriate career development for you.
Anadolu Group would create a difference in your career development with its dynamic and multinational structure as well as the large area of activity in 19 countries and the opportunities that the Group brings.
We are creating a collective mind by the strength coming from different ideas.
Different generations with the same objective are working in harmony in Anadolu Group. The fact that we have more than 50 thousand employees is the reflection of our group’s cultural richness.
We do not limit our dreams in Anadolu Group.
We attach importance to creativity and innovation in order to create new business areas and new ideas. In Anadolu Group, we are providing the suitable environment for our employees so that they can realize their dreams.
There are different experience opportunities in dynamic sectors in Anadolu Group.
Anadolu Group owns more than 80 companies in 19 countries, including Turkey. You may enrich your career as a member of Anadolu Group family in 10 different sectors.

You have plenty
of reasons to work at
Anadolu Group

You have plenty
of reasons to work at
Anadolu Group

As an employee of Anadolu Group,
you may enrich your experiences by learning
from your team members.

Anadolu Group has carried its local journey to international scale; you may find career opportunity in 19 countries in which Anadolu Group is operating.

You may find the opportunity to develop yourself in 9 different and dynamic sectors in which Anadolu Group operates.

You may advance in your career in approximately 80 companies of Anadolu Group.

The sum of taxes paid to the government by Anadolu Group of companies in 2016 constitutes 1,4% of total taxes payments of centralized administration. Anadolu Group’s turnover reached 25.6 billion Turkish Lira by the end of 2016; the value that the Group creates becomes benefit for its stakeholders.

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Innovation at
Anadolu Group

We value your ideas in Anadolu Group.

As Anadolu Group, we are aware that the future is determined by innovative ideas. With the help of bi-fikir (an-idea) portal, we evaluate, support and implement the innovative ideas of our employees.
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A fast career
development process is awaiting you
at Anadolu Group.

A fast career development process is awaiting you
at Anadolu Group.

We are planning our employees’ career within the company, sector and Group, through Organizational Development Meetings that we hold systematically.

We are promoting the job rotation between the companies of the Group with our “Open Positions” platform.

You may enrich your career by working with our international partners.

We are supporting the Professional development of our employees with AG Academy, which constitutes Anadolu Group digital training and development platform and which removes the limits on access to information.

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Leaders share
their experience

Leadership isn’t just about directing a team. It is about
listening to them, regarding their thoughts and
establishing open communication among them.
Tuncay Özilhan Anadolu Group
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Useful information
for your career

Interview Tactics
You must learn as much as you can about the company that you are going to interview with .
Try to examine the company as much as possible, before the interview. The fact that you are aware of the basic information such as sector, companies, brands, the number of employees and turnover will show how much you are prepared and it will show that you have a genuine interest in the company. You may review the corporate website, annual reports or the latest news about the company.
You must evaluate your suitability for the position before the interview.
Try to collect information about the position that you apply for. During the interview, they may ask you why you are interested in this position and why you think that you are suitable for this job. Job description and qualifications will give you an idea. Before the interview, it is better to determine why you are suitable for this position by reviewing your career, personal traits, and experiences.
You must express clearly your career objective.
You need to be prepared for this question, asked almost in every interview. It is important that you give a clear answer and you are able to express yourself. It is expected from you that you define your career path before the interview. Make an effort to explain clearly why are you interested in these areas, what have you done so far (course, training, project, etc.) and what are you going to do in the future.
You must be consistent.
If you are applying for a sales representative position, you will be expected to work in the field rather than in the office. In this case, if you say you prefer to work in the office, the interviewer would think that you are not suitable for this job. If you have an interview for a position in finance, if you do not like to work with numbers, it would be contradictory. Make sure that what you say is consistent with your career objective and the requirements of the position.
You must give detailed answers.
The short answer such as ‘yes’ or ‘no’ would not be enough at most of the time for the interviewer. Try to give detailed answers. If they asked you to describe a situation or a position, after telling about the situation and your role in this situation, it is important that you describe your actions in details. Finally, do not forget to explain the results of the situation.
You don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.
If you think that your expectations do not correspond to the expectations of the company, you may indicate this. Please do not forget, not only companies get information about the candidates during the interviews, also the candidates get to know better the company and the position. If you did not understand fully the job description, duties and responsibilities, ask the interviewer to explain in details. It is better and easier for you and for the interviewer to clarify these points before advancing in the next steps.
You must be open.
You may forget the answer to a question or you do not have an answer at all. In such cases, it is better to state that you do not have clear information about this subject, than giving a wrong or unreasonable answer. If the question requires information, you may say that you are curious about the answer and you are going to search for the answer after the interview. If you do not remember information about your past, you may say that you are going to reply after the interview.
You must ask questions.
The interviewer asks generally more questions during the interviews. However, remember that you are there to get information about the position and the company and guide your career. Therefore, please do not hesitate to ask questions. For example, if you intend to work abroad, you may ask if there is a possibility to work abroad. The questions that you may ask at the right time in the appropriate language may have a huge impact. To use this opportunity, you may ask following questions: the contribution of the company to your career, the career opportunities of the position and the company that they can offer, training opportunities, the possibility to work abroad, even the function and structure of the company.

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Do you evaluate your employees’ ideas in business processes?
Our group adopts creativity and innovation culture for 30 years but we decided last year to gather the ideas in a pool and we have implemented bi-fikir (an-idea). So far, our employees have sent more than 3.000 ideas. We have rapidly implemented 119 bi-fikir and we saved millions of Turkish lira thanks to these ideas.
Osman Alptürer Anadolu Group
Human Resources President
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