The job opportunities to guide your career are awaiting you on Anadolu My Career.
You may find opportunities that would create the difference for you in more than 80 domestic and international companies of Anadolu Group.
Let us plan the most appropriate career development for you.
Anadolu Group would create a difference in your career development with its dynamic and multinational structure as well as the large area of activity in 19 countries and the opportunities that the Group brings.
We are creating a collective mind by the strength coming from different ideas.
Different generations with the same objective are working in harmony in Anadolu Group. The fact that we have more than 50 thousand employees is the reflection of our group’s cultural richness.
We do not limit our dreams in Anadolu Group.
We attach importance to creativity and innovation in order to create new business areas and new ideas. In Anadolu Group, we are providing the suitable environment for our employees so that they can realize their dreams.
There are different experience opportunities in dynamic sectors in Anadolu Group.
Anadolu Group owns more than 80 companies in 19 countries, including Turkey. You may enrich your career as a member of Anadolu Group family in 10 different sectors.

You have plenty
of reasons to work at
Anadolu Group

You have plenty
of reasons to work at
Anadolu Group

Anadolu Group has brought its local journey to international scale; you may find career opportunity in 19 countries in which Anadolu Group is operating.

You may advance in your career in 80 companies of Anadolu Group.

You may find the opportunity to work for one of the most productive groups in Turkey with 61 domestic and international production plants.

As an employee of Anadolu Group, you may enrich your experiences by learning from your team members.

The sum of taxes paid to the government by Anadolu Group of companies in 2016 constitutes 1,4% of total taxes payments of centralized administration. Anadolu Group’s turnover reached 25.6 billion Turkish Lira by the end of 2016; the value that the Group creates becomes the benefit for its stakeholders.

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With multinational brands, we are working in different locations throughout the world with cooperation.

Anadolu Group is working with the vision of connecting Anatolia to the world and the world to Anatolia with its more than 80 companies in 19 different countries
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Leaders share
their experience

Leadership isn’t just about directing a team. It is about
listening to them, regarding their thoughts and
establishing open communication among them.
Tuncay Özilhan Anadolu Group
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A fast career development process is awaiting you at Anadolu Group.

A fast career development process is awaiting you at Anadolu Group.

We are preparing our leaders in the future with our Leader’s Touch program, which constitutes Anadolu Group Leadership Development Program. With the help of this program, our leaders are going to be high performer in challenging circumstances and they are going to achieve the future business objectives.

We are planning our employees’ career within the company, sector and group, through Organizational Development Meetings that we hold systematically.

We offer the opportunity to enrich your career by working with our international partners.

We are supporting the sustainable professional development of our employees with AG Academy, which constitutes Anadolu Group’s digital training and development platform and which has a direct influence on business performance and which enables continuous training.

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We value your ideas in Anadolu Group.

As Anadolu Group, we are aware that the future is determined by innovative ideas. With the help of bi-fikir (an-idea) portal, we evaluate, support and implement the innovative ideas of our employees.
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